Future Evolution

Powercast is constantly innovating to expand its broad-based technology and intellectual property portfolio associated with all aspects of wireless power.  With a comprehensive technology and embedded product roadmap in place, Powercast is poised to bring extraordinary opportunities for organizations interested in integrating wireless power into their products.

Ambient RF Energy Harvesting

Over time, improvements in RF energy harvesting technology will lead to increased use cases and market extensions. The technology will evolve from a paired system with the need for a dedicated transmitter to a single-sided system with the ability to fully capture radio waves emitted from existing and commonly used ambient RF energy sources, such as mobile base stations, TV and radio transmitters, microwave radios, and mobile phones. Ambient RF energy harvesting (i.e. power out of thin air) can enable wireless power to be as ubiquitous as wireless communications for micro-power applications.

Ubiquity of power will further enable the “Internet of Things” to become reality with untethered, autonomous, self-powered machine to machine (M2M) devices. These devices (e.g. energy harvesting wireless sensors) could transmit data to local access points (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, EnOcean, ISA100, WirelessHART) or through the mobile network with text messages (TXT / SMS). The decrease in power consumption of electronic components will further result in faster charge times and more frequent broadcasts of data.