Other Applications

RF energy harvesting and wireless power solutions for remote charging or covert operations, including:

  • UAV recharging
  • Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)
  • Covert surveillance sensors
  • Remote triggering

Location Tracking / Wireless Tracking Tags / RTLS Tags
Protect high value assets, controlled devices, or medical patients (e.g Alzheimer’s) with untethered charging of tracking tags. In-room or close proximity charging capability allows multiple tracking / RTLS tags (GPS, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, UWB, ISO 18000-7, etc) to be charged simultaneously. Works for multiple battery sizes (coin, AAA, AA, etc) and multiple battery chemistries (Alkaline, Lithium Ion, etc) while eliminating special charging stations and alignment issues.

Low power displays
Low-power display technologies such as Bi-stable (E-Ink) and NanoChromic (NTERA) can be powered or recharged wirelessly, enabling new applications for small form factor displays.

Additional Applications
The potential market for devices that can benefit from power-over-distance is rapidly expanding. Powercast technology can also be used to provide wireless power for the following applications:

  • Wearable tracking devices for medical and security applications
  • Centralized trickle charging stations
  • Submersible and sealed electronic devices
  • Motors and rotating machinery
  • Electronic Shelf Labels

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