Battery Advances, Wireless Power Poised to Make Charging Less of a Problem

By February 1, 2022News, Powercast In The News

Firms perfecting hydrogen fuel cells, solar shingles, harvesting energy from radio waves

a man on a rooftop installing timberline solar shingles

The way we juice up our devices, cars, even entire homes, runs the gamut, but one thing remains constant: our basic desire to charge things without having to fret about batteries that are about to peter out or wreck the environment.

For most of us, the less we think about charging or replacing batteries, the better. That’s especially true as people age.

“Your gadgets and things are there to take care of you, not you take care of your gadgets,” says Charlie Greene, chief operating and technical officer of Powercast Corp. The Pittsburgh-based “over-the-air” power company is exhibiting this week in Las Vegas at CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show, demonstrating how devices such as electric toothbrushes and 3D printed medical-based wearables developed by the University of Arizona can be charged wirelessly by being placed within a few feet of a transmitter.