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EE Journal – Fish Fry Podcast featuring Powercast’s Charlie Greene

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Eliminating the Battery Altogether: How Powercast is Opening New Avenues of Innovation with RF Wireless Power and RF Wireless Harvesting

In this week’s Fish Fry podcast, Charlie Green (Chief Operating & Technical Officer at Powercast) joins us to discuss how Powercast is powering new avenues of innovation with their RF energy harvesting and wireless power. We are digging into the details of some super cool new designs that utilize Powercast technologies including a 3D printable discrete wearables for at-home medical monitoring, diagnosis and athletic training, a robotic autonomous price-changing system, an over-the-air wireless charging grip for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers, and more!


CES 2022 The 30 Best and Coolest Pieces of Tech – TechTimes

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Highlighted best by their catchy slogan “the future of power,” Powercast takes charging to a new, more remote arena. Utilizing advanced radio frequency (RF) technology, the company can DC powered devices from afar. That’s right, Powercast does away with fancy mats and chargers, instead vying to make the airwaves themselves the current with high-tech transmitters and receiver chips that can automatically charge multiple devices. Powercast sees itself at the forefront of a burgeoning industry, with the momentum of wireless power reaching $25.9 billion by 2027.

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Powercast to Showcase Wireless Power at CES – Robotics-World

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PowercastBadger400x275Powercast, which develops radio frequency (RF) wireless power technologies, has announced it will showcase an array of new batteryless products at CES 2022 that feature its RF long-range over-the-air wireless power technology. One of these applications includes an all-in-one robotic price-changing system for retailers.

The company announced a record year in customer and revenue growth driven by the demand for wireless power, which it says will reach a $25.9 billion market by 2027, as well as demand for sustainable product designs that keep disposable batteries out of landfills. Powercast said it helps partners create environmentally friendly electronic devices either with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged by RF, or with no batteries at all that can be directly powered by RF.

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Powercast CEO, Charlie Goetz, Explains why Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) will utilize RF charging technology.

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RF Wireless Power Unleashes the Ubiquity of Sensor Networks

We are in the age of an AI (artificial intelligence) explosion. Everything — from your refrigerator to your dog’s bowl — will become part of the AI neuron network. Worldwide revenues for the AI market, including software, hardware, and services, are forecast to grow 16.4 percent year over year in 2021 to $327.5 billion, and by 2024 the market is expected to break the $500 billion mark.

While these numbers are impressive, AI will only reach its full potential when it can be fed with a constant stream of data from a plentitude of diverse sources. In order to gather data at a rate that enables high value AI output, you need a ubiquitous sensor network in place. Sensors are the neurons that fire the AI synapses. These synergies are imperative to the frequency and quality of the output.

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Charlie Greene talks wireless charging with Tom Perkins of High Frequency Electronics

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Our COO & CTO Charlie Greene discusses how Powercast has solved some of the  remote wireless charging challenges in the latest issue of High Frequency Electronics.

“When the company was formed a small team set out to develop true wireless power solutions that could both eliminate batteries and enable completely untethered devices that require no wires or charging surfaces.  It was obvious to everyone at an initial meeting that long-range wireless power, or power over distance that could remotely charge enabled devices, would be revolutionary for many industries and products. The team spent several years refining its wireless charging technology – which transmits a radio frequency (RF) whose energy can be “harvested” to power devices embedded with a small receiver. They entered the market in early 2007. The target devices are mainly those having low power consumption, not cell phones or smart phones.”

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Wireless power helps AI make better decisions – EE Times Europe

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CEO Charlie Goetz discusses Powercast technology and how wireless power has been proven to be reliable and can help feed AI to make better decisions:

RF Energy Harvesting Enables Wireless Power in Medical Applications – 

The increasing demand for wireless devices such as mobile phones and computers shows the importance of wireless applications worldwide. These devices, however, require continuous power supply or long battery life. To limit the use of batteries for safety issues, an RF energy harvesting system to provide wireless power can benefit the entire application market, which is expected to grow by 22% between 2020 and 2025.

This growth can be attributed to many factors, but its primary driver is artificial intelligence (AI). While AI algorithms are strong now, they require more and more data in order to be more effective. And that’s where wireless power comes in. Wireless power has been proven to be reliable and efficient, and it can help feed AI in order to help it make better decisions. In an interview with EE Times Europe, Charlie Goetz, CEO of Powercast, said he believes that IoT, ADAS and smart cities are a number of AI-related areas that could benefit most from the implementation and adoption of wireless power.

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