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Powercast debuts an Lifetime Power Evaluation and Development Kit at CES 2009

Wireless power is poised to be the next great electronic implementation, and Powercast is poised to be the “last” generation of wireless power.  Powercast accomplishes three very unique and differentiated attributes:

  • Power over distance, whereas we have seen useable milliwatts of power being safely transmitted and harvested at distances over 50 feet.
  • Any to any powering, whereas Powercast is one of the only technologies that can power 10’s … even 100’s … of devices from a single transmitter.
  • Designed power distribution systems, whereas Powercast can deliver ambient power with only a receiver … or design transmit and receive solutions elegantly engineered to meet specific power profiles.

Powercast is continuing a period of viral and open growth, by introducing a Lifetime Power Evaluation and Development Kit available to any and all potential customers.  Within this Kit, you can find our technology, presented in a way that allows students, designers, engineers and others to accomplish the following:

  • Learn all Powercast patented wireless power technology has to offer.
  • Explore RF technology, renewable energy, and the overall dream of wireless power.
  • Avoid the complexities of convoluted manufacture agreements, users groups or other standards games.
  • Rapidly prototype “design in” wireless power into any electronic device, any sensor or any light.
  • Expand possibilities for line rate power supply, as a renewable energy source for rechargeable batteries, or used on our unique “charge and fire” boards.
  • Live within the Powercast Web Forum, where a community of RF wireless power designers is exchanging, sharing and promoting new technology applications every day.

“The most compelling characteristic and experience of RF wireless power at Powercast, is that we have only scratched the surface with respect to commercialization,” stated Steve Day, Vice President of Marketing.  Much like solar power, Powercast RF wireless power is being widely recognized as a new standard in power distribution.

The Powercast Lifetime Power Evaluation and Development Kit is the beginning of a journey built by power and RF engineers, for power and RF engineers, and for a “last” generation of wireless power for a wireless world.

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Powercast Introduces Several New Low Wattage Lighting Products at CES 2009

Wireless RF Power and low wattage lighting have proved to be a very synergistic integration. Powercast will be showing several products at 2009 CES that are a continued progression of commercialization of novelty, archi-tainment and luxury lighting.

WunderLites™ Holiday Ornaments demonstrate a commercial product ready for the 2009 Christmas buying season. These ornaments couple crystal, glass and acrylic deco centerpieces with a proprietary RF Wireless frame that harvests RF energy in order to power low wattage LED’s. WunderLites illuminates that centerpiece design in a unique way. No batteries, no wires and lifetime play-ability.

“Our goal is to continue providing lighting products that are highly successful in the novelty market segment,” stated Steve Day, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning. “We are always going to be the best solution in situations where batteries and wires are problematic, and in situations where many light fixtures need powered from one source.”
In addition to the novelty products, Powercast is also working with Lighting Sciences Group Corporation to provide a new class of inlaid tiles and panels that are used as accent lighting in luxury bathrooms and kitchen environments.

“LSGC is excited to work with Powercast, and we both recognize that RF wireless power may be a perfect solution where electrical contacts are a problem. For instance, bathroom shower stalls or near kitchen sinks,” stated LSGC officials. “It is very interesting to use this technology to create decorative tiles and fixtures that are safe around water.”

Powercast Corporation is a Pennsylvania corporation located in Pittsburgh, PA. It is privately held and has been in business since 2003. It holds 12 core patents on the transmission and harvesting of RF wireless power.

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