Experience the Future

Powercast has development kits available for qualified designers, engineers, product developers and researchers to evaluate and prototype our wireless power technology.

  • Self-Discover Wireless Power Technology: Learn about Powercast’s patented wireless technology and all it has to offer.
  • Rapidly Prototype into Any Device: Quickly integrate into any prototype device using a plug-n-play solution for remote powering.
  • Explore Renewable Energy Possibilities: Expand the possibilities for true wireless power to become a renewable energy source for rechargeable batteries, and other energy storage devices.

Development Kit Options

  • Lifetime Power Evaluation and Development Kit: The full kit that includes components for use with rechargeable Alkaline batteries, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, and non-battery energy storage (e.g. capacitors). The transmitter and receivers are designed for the 902-928 MHz license-free ISM band.

Contact us to request a quote for a development kit.