Wireless Power / Charging

The development and usage of wireless, portable electronic devices is rapidly expanding.  Many of these devices share similar components which have been, or in the future will be, designed and optimized for low power consumption.  These components and their suppliers constitute the low power ecosystem, and include components such as:

  • Energy harvesting devices (e.g. Powerharvester Receivers)
  • Micro-power management
  • Low power microcontrollers
  • Low power radios (e.g. 802.15.4, ZigBee, ULP WiFi, WirelessHART)
  • Supercapacitors
  • Solid-state and thin film batteries

Powercast provides a core component in the low power ecosystem. Our energy harvesting and wireless power technologies are embedded in core interoperable components for creating micro-power charging systems.  With safe, controllable, and scalable wireless power technology, Powercast’s products provide numerous benefits for micro-power charging systems, including:

  • Increases design-in flexibility and benefits: no contacts, no wires, sealable, and submersible
  • Promotes a battery-free architecture
  • Improves device longevity through maintenance-free operation

Powercast is seeking to continuously add additional collaborations with forward-looking members of the low power ecosystem for expanding product offerings and cross-optimizing components for performance improvements.