Power is in the air at CES 2022

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Power is in the air at CES 2022

 7th January 2022
 Caroline Hayes

Beginning a new year, CES 2022 has some headline grabbing and eye-catching exhibits. Caroline Hayes sought out the innovative technologies that mean power can be wireless and anywhere

There were different uses for wireless charging demonstrated by Powercast. The Pittsburgh company showed 3D wearable medical devices which use its over-the-air RF wireless power technology to conveniently charge while the wearer is able to continue everyday activities.

The monitor (Figure 1) was created by researchers at the University of Arizona. It is created using 3D printing and flexible circuits so it can be custom made for each wearer. The construction using flexible substrates means that it is comfortable to wear for hours and even days at a time, allowing wearers to gather long term data which can be analysed to assess a medical condition.

Figure 1: The 3D printed, flexible monitor developed by researchers at the University of Arizona, based on Powercast RF wireless technology

Sensors incorporated into the flexible substrate include inertial measurement units (IMUs) and strain sensors. These can characterise the gait and performance of individual muscle groups. There are also temperature sensors.

Charging is via a Powercaster wireless charger which recharges the device over the air.