UHF RFID Sensing, Passive RFID Wireless Sensor Tags

Powercast’s RF Energy Harvesting technology enables high-function (high-power) RFID tags. Standard tags have limited function or require a battery for higher-power functions such as sensing, data logging, displays, biometric authentication, visual and audible indicators, etc.

Powercast’s technology uses the same RFID reader infrastructure to capture additional power and eliminate the need for batteries. Battery-less, passive tags are the only practical way to scale deployment for high-function RFID tags.

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Using a UHF RFID reader, Powercast’s RF harvesting circuit can be used to power a microcontroller (MCU) and additional sensors (strain, vibration, etc). The MCU can communicate to NXP’s UCODE RFID chip via the I2C interface, and the tag ID and data can be read through the RFID reader. The result: One infrastructure for communications and power, no batteries, reliable operation.