Wireless Charging Grip FAQ

Using your Wireless Charging Grip

How do I place my Wireless Charging Grip near the PowerSpot?

The Wireless Charging Grip should be set down with the USB-C port facing the front of your PowerSpot transmitter. Check out the Wireless Charging Grip’s user guide or the diagram below for more information:

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What does the LED on the Wireless Charging Grip mean?

The LED guides gamers where to place their grip to optimize charging. Check out the graphic below:

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What can you do with the new PowerSpot app?

Users can track the connection and charging status of any PowerSpot-enabled devices, such as today’s Wireless Charging Grip and any future PowerSpot-enabled devices. They can also download firmware updates, pause the transmitter and more.

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About the Wireless Charging Grip

Why did Powercast develop the Wireless Charging Grip?

Many of us are Nintendo Switch gamers, and we found we’d often let our batteries die accidentally by forgetting to dock our controllers. Realizing our over-the-air wireless charging technology could solve the problem, we developed a product that lets the Joy-Cons charge conveniently, without docking, in between gaming sessions.

This is also a perfect application to showcase to the consumer market how our RF-based, long-range, over-the-air wireless charging technology works.

Powercast said its initial Wireless Charging Grip is only for U.S. and Canadian gamers. Why is that?

A country’s regulatory body should approve any transmitter that broadcasts RF over the air before it is sold in that country.  The FCC in the U.S. and the ISED in Canada have both approved our grip’s wireless charging PowerSpot RF transmitter. We are actively working with other countries’ regulatory bodies to achieve approval of the transmitter.

Does Powercast’s Wireless Charging Grip work for the Nintendo Switch Lite?

No. The Wireless Charging Grip charges Joy-Con controllers, and since the new Nintendo Switch Lite does not have detachable controllers like the Switch does it is not compatible with our grip.

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