Powercast Releases Additional Wireless Power Development Kits

Press Release

Pittsburgh, PA – May 7, 2009 – Powercast, a leader in the commercialization of RF energy harvesting and wireless power solutions, announced it has released additional versions of its Lifetime Power Evaluation and Development Kit.  The new kits, available for purchase at www.www.powercastco.com, represent offerings focused more specifically for recharging Alkaline and Lithium Ion batteries.

Batteries are used in numerous small, portable, and mobile electronic devices.  Powercast’s technology enables these devices to use rechargeable batteries and be finally untethered™ from power cords or inconvenient, close proximity charging methods.  Disposable batteries and their adverse environmental impact can be eliminated from devices with Powercast’s RF energy harvesting and embedded wireless power solutions.

Powercast’s technology can provide constant charge, over distance, between one or more sources and multiple receivers. These devices can also be dormant, with zero stand-by power, and activated remotely with power being sent on-demand, on a scheduled basis, or continuously.