Students Compete in Airbus Contest Using Our Development Kit

University of Bologna Students Compete in Airbus Contest with Our Development Kit

Students from the University of Bologna in Italy entered the Airbus Fly Your Ideas Contest.  The competition involved more than 500 teams from all over the world and Team TakeOff has been selected for the final stage.  They have also entered the Top 8 Video Contest as Team #6.  With a revolutionary idea, that could change the future of aviation.

Team TakeOff developed a system of sensors that help with the maintenance of airplanes.  These sensors are powered by Powercast’s P2110-EVAL-01 Development Kit.  Current monitoring systems use circuit boards, which require a lot of space, weight, and power.  Team Takeoff designed sensors that will detect an issue and report the problem.  The sensors are smaller, wireless, and require less power.  Therefore, reducing the space, weight, and power that is currently used  in airplanes.

To watch Team TakeOff’s video please click here.

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