Welcome to the “Powered by Powercast” video series where we show real-world
examples of our over-the-air RF wireless charging technology in action.

We hope you enjoy our monthly episodes and learn how RF wireless power can be
very useful for many low-power electronic products.

We will often retrofit everyday products to demonstrate how RF wireless power can:
1) Save time and money,
2) Enable new functionality, and
3) Reduce battery waste.

To retrofit the products, we embed a rechargeable battery to replace the one-time-use battery,
along with our Powerharvester chip and antenna which receives the RF wireless signal sent over
the air from either our dedicated RF transmitter, or from industry-standard RFID readers. The
Powerharvester then converts it into usable DC energy to top off the battery.

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    Episode 3 – Fluke Multimeter

    In this episode, we retrofit Powercast’s most used diagnostic instruments – Fluke MultiMeters – so our engineers can just set them down and they’ll automatically charge overnight. This is a preview of the workbench of the future. Imagine if all your tools were automatically charging every time you put them away, without the need to find a cord or mat or fresh batteries.

    Episode 2 – Smart Cricket Ball

    In this second episode, we use RF wireless power to charge Sportcor’s Smart Ball Core, which gets embedded into sporting equipment to send analytics from within. Sportcor’s smart electronics core is being used by Australian cricket ball manufacturer Kookaburra in its Smart Cricket Ball. The Smart Ball can transmit movement data ( speed, distance, force and spin) during the game. To enable the Smart Ball to be perfectly round and perform like a “normal” cricket ball,  the electronics had to be deeply embedded in its center without any external charging ports or charging coils. This made over-the-air charging the only solution to recharge the battery.

    More about Kookaburra here: https://www.kookaburrasport.com.au/cricket/team-kookaburra/innovation/

    Winner of the 2020 RFID Journal Live Award for “Best New Product” https://rfidjournalawards.com/

    Episode 1 – Hand Sanitizer

    RF Wireless technology has many great uses. In this first episode, we retro-fit a touchless Purell hand sanitizer station, normally powered by 4 C batteries, to show how wireless charging can reduce battery waste and save money. After embedding our technology, this unit can be fully charged using the Powercaster or PowerSpot RF transmitter for a fraction of the cost ($1.50 of energy per year) of the replacement batteries. If adopted by a big box store, Powercast projects it could save hundreds, or thousands of C batteries per year from entering landfills.

    Learn more about Powercast here: https://www.powercastco.com/

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