UHF RFID Retail Price Tag

Powercast UHF RFID Price Tag

Electronic Shelf-Edge Label

Powercast is proud to leverage PPG’s Teslin Substrate in this new shelf-edge version of our UHF RFID Retail Price Tag.

Re-designed for roll-to-roll printing in high volume, these ESL’s are designed to work with any typical RFID reader already existing in a facility’s infrastructure.

Leveraging Powercast’s wireless power harvesting technology, these price tags can operate perpetually and without batteries, making price changes simple, accurate, and extremely low-cost.

Powercast’s UHF RFID Retail Price Tag

enables entire shelves of merchandise to be updated instantly and wirelessly at distances of up to 2 meters away with any typical handheld or fixed RFID reader. Featuring  RF to DC power harvesting technology and a perpetual digital ePaper display from E-ink, the screen remains static without the need for a constant power source.

RFID Price Tag suits_smaller
RFID Price Tag laptop photo with blowout 60%

Batteryless UHF Price Tag


  • Read/Write range: 2m
  • Screen updates in seconds
  • Secure, encrypted data transfer
  • Configurable as hang-tag or shelf-edge label
  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant
  • Reference designs available


RFID Price Tag schematic