PCT100 and PCT200 High Function RFID Tags

Powercast Tag Evaluator Software

The Powercast PCT100 and PCT200 RFID Sensor Tags enable RFID based monitoring of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and light level.  Depending on the configuration desired, one, two or all three sensors can be supported on a single tag.

PCT100/PCT200 Sensor Tag

PCT100 – Battery Free Sensor Tag

  • Completely battery-free wireless sensing
  • Data accessible in user memory
  • Fast read rate

PCT200 – Datalogging Wirelessly Rechargeable Sensor Tag

  • Up to 1 month of battery life without recharging
  • Battery is recharged using the RFID reader’s field

(no wires to plug in, no batteries to change)

  • Customizable data read times from 1 minute to 1 hour
  • Stores maximum, minimum, and average values in user memory
  • Read times and dates are available along with sensor data

Powercast Tag Evaluator Software

Powercast Tag Evaluator Software

The Powercast Tag Evaluator software allows you to interrogate and read data from all EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant RFID tags including Powercast’s PCT series of RFID Sensor Tags.  The software is made for Zebra/Motorola FX7500/FX9600 RFID readers, but may work with other readers as well – simply enter your readers IP address and you’re ready to go.  It offers a convenient and intuitive user interface to quickly evaluate the tags for any application.