Wireless Power / Charging

Powerharvester Receivers
Powercast’s technology provides true wireless power for continuous charging and power-over-distance for one or more devices. Wireless power transmission is based on commonly used radio waves and Powercast's patented RF-to-DC conversion technology. The combination enables low-power electronic devices to become finally untethered with trickle-charge embedded wireless power.

Powercast components - embedded wireless power modules - integrate seamlessly with power distribution and storage systems for low-power electronic devices by delivering MICROWATTS to LOW MILLIWATTS without wires.


Powerharvester Chipset

  • Low cost
  • Wide tuning range: 1MHz to 6GHz
  • Flexible footprint
  • Multiple Designs Available

    Development Kits
    Eliminate the hassle and expense of battery replacement. Buy a development kit to self-discover and rapidly prototype MICRO-POWER applications.

  • Design News 2011 Golden Mousetrap Winners
    P2110 Powerharvester® Receiver

    EDN 2010 Innovation Award Finalist
    P2110 Powerharvester® Receiver

    2009 Sensors Expo Gold Award
    P2100 Powerharvester® Receiver