October 6, 2017

Powercast Multi-Sensor RFID Tags for Environmental Monitoring Receive Honorable Mention at Sensors Midwest | Sensorsmag.com


The company’s RF energy harvesting technology breaks new ground in remote, wireless power by increasing the efficiency of converting RF energy (radio waves) into DC power and enabling that efficiency over a wide operating range.

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Wireless Power / Charging

Powercast’s embedded wireless power technology provides long-range, true wireless charging without wires or charging mats to enable completely untethered devices. FCC-approved RF transmitters pair with high-efficiency receiver chips to enable power-over-distance recharging of one or many devices.

A transmitter sends RF energy over the air to a receiver chip embedded in a device, which efficiently converts it to DC to recharge its batteries or directly power the device. This remote charging technology behaves like Wi-Fi where enabled devices automatically charge when within range of a power transmitter. Using controllable wireless power, devices can be powered continuously or dormant, with zero stand-by power, and activated on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

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Powering The Internet

Of Things

Whether you are a company that has been around for 100 years or a new company, navigating the Internet of Things is not an ‘if’ but a ‘how’. Are you looking to embed capabilities in previously unconnected products or enable new ideas? Powercast can help bring you power where you most need it – to your product.

Long-life products utilizing:

– Wireless Power
– Lifetime Batteries
– Unique Power Management

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Lifetime Power®

Powercast’s Lifetime Power technology enables products to last up to 25 years on a pre-installed battery.

Leveraging patented power management designs, Powercast works with its partners to enable lifetime products with or without energy harvesting.

Whether it is multiple years on a single coin cell or 25 years on a AA battery, Powercast technology can differentiate your product by eliminating batteries or battery maintenance yielding lifetime devices.

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