Powercast’s Energy-Saving, Sustainable Building Automation Technology Receives Smart Buildings Innovation Award

The Wireless 25-Year Maintenance-Free Building Automation Sensor and Controller Technology for HVAC, Lighting Saves Substantial Energy, Costs 40% Less than Wired Systems, Eliminates Battery Maintenance and Reduces Battery E-Waste

Powercast announced that its Wireless 25-Year Maintenance-Free Building Automation Sensor and Controller Technology for HVAC and Lighting Systems has received an  IoT Evolution Smart Buildings Innovation Award from IoT Evolution World. These awards acknowledge the companies behind the innovations transforming the way we design, construct, operate, and inhabit buildings.

Powercast’s sustainable building automation technology features revolutionary Lifetime Power® battery-powered sensors that last 25 years to provide wireless, maintenance-free, advanced HVAC and lighting control:

  • The wirelessly-controllable lighting technology achieves substantial energy savings because it can harvest and efficiently use daylight energy, auto dim, and turn off lights when motion sensors detect no occupants.
  • The HVAC system monitors environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, light, C02, differential pressure, contact closure, and more.

Such advanced environmental monitoring allows companies to embrace green initiatives, achieve LEED certification, adhere to regulatory requirements, and achieve significant cost savings through automation which can uncover patterns and insights to further optimize energy efficiency and identify potential issues before they arise.

“In an industry where most Building Automation Systems’ (BAS) batteries last 7-10 years, Powercast’s battery-powered sensors instead last 25 years for a lifetime sensing and environmentally-friendly solution, eliminating both the hassle and expense of battery maintenance, and reducing disposable battery e-waste that also keeps toxins out of landfills,” said Charles Greene, PhD, COO and CTO of Powercast.

Additional savings come from the wirelessly-powered sensors themselves. Companies don’t have to plan for building wiring or pay electrical labor to run wires. Without wires or battery maintenance, users can install more sensors to increase data for optimizing energy savings and comfort.

“We estimate our wirelessly-powered sensor system can save users 40%-50% over the installed cost of wired sensor and controller building automation systems, while also making a positive impact on the environment,” continued Greene. “The system is simple, intuitive and effective.”

“It is my pleasure to recognize the 25-Year Maintenance-Free Building Automation Sensor and Controller Technology for HVAC and Lighting Systems, an innovative solution that earned Powercast an IoT Evolution Smart Buildings Innovation Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC (co-publishers of IoT Evolution).

Powercast developed these systems both independently and in collaboration with partners, and they are covered by over 50 patents.  The Powercast Lifetime Power technology is available through partnership to develop similar or new innovative products that create smart wireless solutions for sustainable applications.