Powerharvester Receivers

Powerharvester receivers are the embedded wireless power source that deliver renewable energy by converting radio waves to DC power.  They are the fundamental components for enabling wireless powered devices. Powercast offers several Powerharvester receiver modules that have been designed for charging batteries, other energy storage devices, and for direct power applications.
Powerharvester Brochure (PDF)

P1110 Powerharvester Receiver (short range, higher power)
P1110 Powerharvester Receiver

  • High-efficiency for short range battery charging
  • RF harvesting range down to -6dBm input power
  • Frequency range from 850-950MHz
  • Configurable maximum voltage up to 4.2V
  • RSSI and data output

P1110 Datasheet (PDF)
P1110-EVB Instructions (PDF)

P2110 Powerharvester Receiver (long range)
P2110 Powerharvester Receiver

  • Low RF input for longer range operation
  • RF harvesting range down to -11dBm input power
  • Frequency range from 850-950MHz
  • Configurable regulated output voltage up to 5.5V
  • RSSI and data output
  • Interrupt available for sophisticated systems

P2110 Datasheet (PDF)
P2110-EVB Instructions (PDF)
PCN-100 Product Change Notice (PDF) - P2110 Rev C

Powerharvester Chipset / Reference Designs (for OEM volume applications)
P2110CSR Chipset Reference Design

  • Low cost of implementation
  • Flexible footprint (less than 0.2 sq. inches / 1.3 sq. cm)
  • Configurable frequencies from 100MHz to 6GHz
  • Voltage output up to 5.5V
  • RSSI and data output
  • Same performance as P1110 and P2110

Powerharvester reference designs are available for license. Contact us to learn more. Chipset part numbers PCC110 and PCC210 are available through our distributors.
PCC110-PCC210 Overview (PDF)
P2110CSR-EVB Instructions (PDF)
P21XXCSR-EVB Evaluation Board (PDF)

OEM / ODM Customer Benefits

Devices powered by Powercast technology can provide a number of benefits:

  • Product differentiation
  • End-user ROI
  • Product line extensions
  • Premium category enabler

Technology Benefits

Powercast technology delivers a number of design and performance benefits, including:

  • High Conversion Efficiency:  Powerharvester modules have industry leading conversion efficiency of over 70%, enabling maximum power transfer and range.
  • Wide Efficiency Range: Designed for high-efficiency over a range of input power and frequency.  Your device can receive energy from multiple frequencies simultaneously, and deployment flexibility is increased when using dedicated transmitters.
  • Embed with Ease:  Small footprint allows for easy integration into new devices, or modification of existing devices.  Works with any source of RF in its designed range, or with dedicated Powercaster transmitters.
  • Adaptability:  Powerharvester module technology can be adapted to work with the right frequency band for your application.
  • RoHS Compliant: Environmentally friendly design, and regulatory compliant.

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