True Wireless Power

Powercast recognizes there are several alternatives available for powering devices without the use of wires, each with different addressable markets.  The alternative methods may seem similar on the surface, however, they offer limited solutions.  Powercast is the only company with the technology and component-level products to deliver continuous charging, and provide its capability at a scalable distance.

Principle Limitations of Alternative Technology Performance:

  • Requires direct contact or close proximity
  • Difficult to integrate moving parts and bulky size
  • Inflexible deployment
  • Must follow specific handling process
  • Generates excess waste
  • Other limitations vary by technology type

Powercast Performance Differences:tempsensorgraphic21

  • Extends product life cycles
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Easily integrated form factors
  • Any-to-Any configuration
  • Reduces or eliminates adverse environmental impact
  • Multiple power options: continuous, scheduled, on-demand, or passive