Powercast’s Matter-Compliant, Wireless Smart Home Sensor Technology Powered Perpetually Over the Air

Powercast is happy to unveil a new technology solution, named a finalist in the Best of Sensors Awards program, for creating, deploying and perpetually powering sustainable, untethered, Matter-compliant wireless smart home automation sensors. These sensors: 1) integrate into smart home ecosystems (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings) using Matter, 2) easily install anywhere, 3) eliminate the need for expensive home wiring, 4) won’t require inconvenient, expensive battery maintenance, and 5) keep toxic disposable batteries out of landfills.

Powercast’s Wireless Smart Home Automation Sensor solution is perpetually powered by the company’s RF (Radio Frequency) over-the-air (OTA) wireless charging technology. To enable either battery-free or rechargeable-battery-based sensors to power themselves over the air from nearby RF transmitters, manufacturers will embed Powercast’s tiny Powerharvester® PCC110 wireless RF receiver chip and a small antenna into their sensors for around $1 at volume, then use a rechargeable battery or no battery at all.

One RF transmitter in a room can power sensors installed up to 25 feet away, so placing one transmitter in each room will create a wireless power network able to perpetually power all the RF-enabled sensors throughout the home. There are also options for RF transmitters, including a licensable reference design that lets manufacturers integrate the electronics needed to convert their household products into Ubiquity™ RF transmitters for only $5 bill-of-material (BOM) cost.

Check out the video on our newest technology:  https://www.youtube.com