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Liquid X and Powercast Team Up to Create Wirelessly Powered e-Textiles


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Durable, Flexible, High Performance

Utilizing Liquid X’s proprietary ink technology, manufacturers can print circuitry directly onto a garment, add Powercast’s wireless power technology and a battery, and seal this all into the garment during the manufacturing process.

Antenna and circuitry printed directly onto the textile

Circuitry is printed on the fabric using Liquid X’s proprietary particle-free ink, including Powercast’s RF wireless receiving antenna. Next, Powercast’s Powerharvester® RF wireless power receiver chip, a battery, and other components are mounted onto the printed traces.  An encapsulant then provides a high strength waterproof bond to seal in all of the electronics.

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Simpler integration

Today’s smart garments often snap electronics onto the garment along with battery packs that users must detach before washing.  With the combined technologies of Liquid X and Powercast, now manufacturers can integrate the electronics directly into the garment.

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Liquid X, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an advanced material manufacturer of functional metallic inks that takes an application from prototype to production. Liquid X partners with manufacturers within the electronics industry to develop and print functional components utilized in various devices, including sensors; heating elements; smart textiles and many others. Through our proprietary particle-free inks, printing capabilities and technical expertise, we take an application from concept to commercialization using additive manufacturing techniques.

ViewTag Chooses Powercast Wireless Power Technology for EBT


ViewTag® is a permanent, electronic bag tag (EBT) that securely attaches to luggage for convenient itinerary information writing and airline check-in.

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TX91503 RF Wireless Transmitter


Read the full press release here.

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Package Contents

1 – PowerSpot TX91503 RF Wireless Transmitter

1 – USB Wall Outlet Adapter

1 – 6 ft. Power Supply Cable

1 – QuickStart Guide


 PowerSpot Development Kit

Powercast’s new PowerSpot development kit allows you to test the PowerSpot transmitter’s ability to deliver wireless power to any of your applications, and features three battery-type options:

-Li-ion 2032 coin cell battery
-Li-Mn single AA
-3 Ni-MH AAAs in series

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PCC114 Powerharvester®  RF to DC Converter Chip

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PCC210 Boost Converter
PCC110 Powerharvester Receiver
NEW PCC114 Powerharvester Receiver
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Hearing aids
Smart Cards
E-paper displays
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The PCC114’s tiny footprint makes it perfect for applications with confined spatial restrictions.

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